At RMS-CES, students are empowered to become innovators through engaging, authentic, and developmentally appropriate opportunities, access to a strong academic foundation, and a commitment to lifelong learning.



    RMS-CES Overview


      The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend RMS-CES!  


    1. We are a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) magnet school with a focus on environmental education.
    2. We believe that every student can succeed!
    3. Our students engage in outdoor learning and frequent field experiences.
    4. We integrate technology into our core curriculum.
    5. Our campus features a rain garden, a DNR-approved School Forest, a garden to school program, and outdoor classrooms.
    6. Our students participate in programs about respect to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all learners.
    7. All eighth grade students move toward college and career readiness through exploration of their interests and abilities, mentorship opportunities, and a STEM-focused career fair.
    8. All seventh grade students develop a National History Day project that addresses the annual theme.
    9. All sixth grade students travel to Deep Portage for an unforgettable environmental education and community building experience.
    10. All fifth and sixth grade students experience community building and orientation through the program Where Everyone Belongs.


    Grade Level Themes Grade Level Themes
    Each grade level will have a theme based on environmental education and literacy. Themed interdisciplinary units will provide students with opportunities to build knowledge and make connections across disciplines.

    Fifth Grade Fifth Grade: Explore
    In early fall, with Jeffers Journals in hand, Fifth graders begin exploring outdoor learning at Baker Near Wilderness Settlement and Lake Rebecca Park. Snowy winter days are perfect for snowshoeing in physical education class. Come spring, you may find the fifth graders out tending to the straw bale gardens in agriculture class or visiting Nye Park in Maple Lake.

    Sixth Grade Sixth Grade: Energy
    The kickoff event at RMS-CES is the sixth grade Deep Portage adventure. This three-day learning experience takes place where “community, education and the environment come together” in an outdoor learning facility in Hackensack, MN. Deep Portage outdoor classrooms engage students in interdisciplinary activities and exploratory learning; and they provide students the opportunity to learn orientation skills, nature identification and strategies for team building.
    Seventh Grade Seventh Grade: Ecology
    Seventh grade students ground their studies of ecology.  A strong partnership with the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center provides students with ongoing opportunities for experiential learning.  Students also partner with local viticulturist, Chuck Tryon.  Students will also examine ecology through a historical lens by participating in the National History Day project.
    Eighth Grade Eighth Grade: Environment
    In eighth grade, students will explore the environment through the earth sciences. Historical engineering designs will be examined as well as current and emerging technologies used for energy research, including their impact on the environment. Students will understand how humans interact in their environment, explore new and sustainable energy sources, and debate the footprint that we are leaving.  Partnerships with General Electric and Target Field offer a real-world perspective.




    6051 Ash Street
    Rockford, MN  55373
    Student Hours:
    7:50 am - 2:45 pm
    Office Hours:
    7:00 am - 3:30 pm

    Student Enrollment: 550

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    RMS-CES is a member of the Norhtwest Suburban Integration School District. 

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    We are just two blocks from the Crow River. Click above to explore.

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    Classes begin at 7:50 a.m. and conclude at 2:45 p.m.
    We welcome your telephone call at 763-477-5831.


    Click here to learn how our field experiences integrate environmental education into core curricular areas.

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