• Required Areas
    All classroom teacher are required to to have continuing education hours in the following 5 areas:
    1. Positive behavioral intervention strategies.
    2. Accommodation, modification, and adaption of curriculum, materials, and instruction to meet the needs of varied students.
    3. Reading strategies and methods.
    4. Understanding key warning signs of early-onset mental illness.
    5. Integrate technology effectively for student engagement and achievement.
    Reflective Statement
    Beginning in July of 2012, a reflective statement must also be written and submitted to the local continuing ed committee that summarizes the applicant's own assessment of their professional growth in the above 5 areas. The statement must include evidence:
    1. Support for student learning.
    2. Use of best practices and techniques.
    3. Collabrative work with colleagues with examples of committee work, collabortive staff development, and professional learning community work. For teachers only employed for part of the five year period, those teachers may write on similar professional developement efforts made during the relicensure period.
    Staff Exempt from Certain Requirements: For licensed staff who have not provided direct instruction to students during the five year relicensure period, they may be exempt from the technology standard and the reflection statement. These may include school counselors, nurses, school psychologists, and social workers. You may check with your building committee members to check about your specific circumstances. 

    For community members or staff on leave with teaching licenses who have not taught in the classroom during the prior five year relicensure period, you are exempt from the reflection statement. Please contact Kevin Neff or Audrey Faust for more information.