• Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Maximum Allocation-Travel & Work Experience

    One week of preapproved travel or work experience for purposes of improving instructional capabilities equals ten clock hours. No more than 30 clock hours may be granted in a five-year relicensure period for travel or work experience. The limit of 30 clock hours may be waived when the local committee determines that the preapproved travel or work experience is critical to the teacher's advanced or current skills for the teacher's assignment; for example, travel to experience language or cultural immersion by a teacher of world language. Written documentation of how this travel will impact your teaching and in what curricular area(s) is required.

    College Coursework

    Relevant coursework will be granted 16 clock hours for each quarter credit earned, and 24 clock hours for each semester credit earned. The coursework must be relevant to your teaching/licensed area.

    Renewal of License for Two or More Areas

    An applicant who seeks renewal of a continuing license for two or more areas should allocate at least 30 clock hours to each of the licensure areas for a total of no fewer than 125 clock hours, with priority given to work in areas where the candidate is employed during the licensure period. An applicant who holds an administrative license or licenses may allocate clock hours for the renewal of teaching licensure under this subpart.

    Commitees, Mentorship, and Volunteer Leadership

    Up to 30 hours in total every 5 years can be granted for mentoring and peer coaching other teachers through the district Mentorship program for new teachers or with a student teacher. Serving on a national, state, or district commitee that works with teacher licensure, staff development, or working with curriculum can also count towards these 30 hours. Serving as a PLC leader will fall into this category.

    Some Examples that do not Count

    Applicants must be involved in programs that can document the time involved and that the learning was for professional development, not just personal learning. Individual time spent reading books, teaching Community Ed or Sunday School classes, taking a continuing ed class not related to your area of licensure, and similar situations can not be counted towards renewal of your license. Taking a class for personal interest, such as a language class while on a cruise will not count. If you have questions whether an area would count, please contact your building Continuing Ed committee member ahead of time to get prior approval.