• The State of MN Continuing Education and Licensing Department uses on-line documentation of clock hours required for teacher licensure. Rockford’s Continuing Ed Committee will collect your paper work annually to enter hours into the system. This will allow you to check online to see which areas you still need to meet your requirements.

    Your building committee members are:

    REAMS -  Audrey Faust, Ryan Ebeling, Kevin Neff

    RMS - Nick Peterson,
    Joel Roeloffs

    RHS -
    Dan Houghton, Steve Merila

    Community members and staff on leave can contact Kevin Neff and Audrey Faust.

    Turning in Documentation For All District Teachers

    Each  building will collect documentation on a regular basis. When we are ready to collect your Clock Hour Certificates we will send you an e-mail and place a brightly colored envelope in your mailbox. Please place your Clock Hour Certificates in this envelope along with your file folder number and hand in to one of the Continuing Ed Committee Members sometime that week.

    Please turn in your clock hours as requested and use the state website to view your current status on-line. DO NOT hold on to your clock hours for several years as done in the past. We need to keep your status current with the State Department of Education. Once you have reached your 125 clock hours and have met the required areas, you do not hand in any additional clock hours. We will not be posting your hours beyond what is required. Also, once your paperwork is returned to you in your mailbox, remember to check your on-line account to verify that we have posted your documentation correctly.

    Substitutes "registered" with Rockford Continuing Ed

    First contact one of the committee members via e-mail to notify them how you will be getting your paperwork to them. Please turn your clock hour cerificates in to the same person between October and March. You are asked to pick up your clock hour certificates in the school office once they are entered. We can not promise that any hours turned in after late May will be entered into the system until September.