• Medication Policy of Rockford Area Schools
    Prescription Medication
    All prescription medications require a doctor’s order and signed parent permission. The form that needs to be completed is available in each building’s health office or click on this link. The medication must be brought to the school in its original container with a label prepared by a pharmacist. This form must be completed annually (once per school year) and/or when a change in the prescription or requirements for administration occurs.
    Over-the-Counter Medication
    With over-the counter medications, elementary and middle school students should follow the same policy as prescription medications. High school students will be allowed to carry over-the-counter medications on their person, but the following rules apply:
    a. The medicine must be in its original container with label and dosage information intact, and must be administered in a manner consistent with the instructions on the label.
    b. A written permission note from the student’s parent/guardian must be submitted to the health office each year for the student to self-administer the nonprescription medication. This note must state the reason for the medication.
    c. The student’s name must be hand-written on the container.
    d. The student is not to share his/her medication with any other students.
    Only high school students can carry nonprescription medications with parent written permission on file in the health office. If any of the above rules are abused, the right will be cancelled.
    Inhalers for Asthma
    Minnesota State Law now permits a student to carry an inhaler if he/she knows the specific criteria. Please discuss this with the school nurse. Rules for prescription medication (above) still apply.
    For more detailed information: See Rockford School District 883 Policy 516 – Student Medication.