Rockford Rocket Gymnastics Club

  • The Rockford Community Education provides a program that offers the residents and surrounding communities a local place to train for both recreational, competitive club level and high school level gymnastic at affordable rates.


    • Successful gymnastics programs feeder program
    • Successful gymnastics training for:
      • Strength
      • Agility
      • Flexibility
      • Dance skills
      • All level tricks, with proper progression and skill levels

    Training and coaching will be provided by qualified coaching staff to offer a complete program with clear levels, achievement, and teaching strategies.

    Current class offerings:

    Moonbeams:  This class is for children ages 3-4 for both boys and girls.  It is a fun an exciting program to start introducing gymnastics skills as well as body awareness, coordination, strong attitude, listening, sharing, taking turns, self -esteem and confidence.  Both boys and girls are allowed in this class.

    Shining Stars:  This class if for children ages 4-5 for both boys and girls and is comparable to moonbeams with additional skills.



    Level Training

    If you are not sure of the correct level training class to register for, please email the gym at

    Level Training

    Ages: Kindergarten+:  Specific full-gymnastics training levels depending on skill levels

    Beginner I (ages 5-7)

    Beginner II (ages 9+)

    Intermediate: Must have been evaluated or passed the skills required in Beginner

    Advanced 1: Must have been evaluated or passed the skills required in Intermediate

    Advanced 2: Must have been evaluated or passed the skills required in Advanced 1

    MAGA Competitive Gymnastics team

    We currently offer both Pre-Team and Team.  Both the Team and Pre-team are formed during a tryout in the spring/summer months.  This program is growing and we’d love to hear from you if you have more questions beyond the following information.

    MAGA Team – Trains 3 days per week(7.5 hours) Competes in 5 meets.

    PreTeam – Trains 2 days per week (4 hour) Competes in 2 meets.

    For more information about MAGA, Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association, please visit



  • Averi Shrode

    Program Coordinator
    Phone:763-477-5831 ext 2313

    Gymnastics Gym: 763-477-7535

    Community Education Office

    Phone: 763-477-4563