Coaches Resources

  • Coaches Handbook

    Developed to assist RAS coaches with district procedures from pre-season to end of season banquets.

    District Approval Process for Overnight Stays

    • When coaches/advisors consider an overnight trip with the team, the following steps need to be taken for approval:
      • STEP 1: Complete Appendix B: Extended Field Trip Prelim Approval - Preliminary approval must be granted prior to the announcement of the trip to students/players or parents. Approval of this application authorizes the coach/advisor to determine student and parent interest, acquire cost information, and generally assess the feasibility of the trip.
      • STEP 2: Complete Appendix C: Extended Field Trip Final Approval - Approval of this final application authorizes the coach/advisor to proceed with trip planning, including expending the appropriate funds.
    • For additional information, please click here for Policy 610R Field Trips.
    • Coaches/Advisors - please contact Dan Pratt with any questions about overnight stays (763-477-5846 x3011;

    Payment Voucher

    Complete a Payment Voucher for payment of prior approved invoices or fees (example, tournament entry fees). A copy of the tournament fee/registration form must be submitted with the Payment voucher.

    Receipt Form

    Complete a Receipt Form to deposit funds into an account. Deposits will require supporting documentation with the receipt form.

    Fundraising Application

    Complete a Fundraising Application and submit to the Activities Director for approval. In addition to AD approval, all fundraisers require district approval.  Expect 1-2 weeks for notification of fundraiser applications.  Fundraisers may not begin without prior district approval.