Coaches Resources

  • Coaches Handbook

    Developed to assist RAS coaches with district procedures from pre-season to end of season banquets.

    District Approval Process for Overnight Stays

    • When coaches/advisors consider an overnight trip with the team, the following steps need to be taken for approval:
      • STEP 1: Complete Appendix B: Extended Field Trip Prelim Approval - Preliminary approval must be granted prior to the announcement of the trip to students/players or parents. Approval of this application authorizes the coach/advisor to determine student and parent interest, acquire cost information, and generally assess the feasibility of the trip.
      • STEP 2: Complete Appendix C: Extended Field Trip Final Approval - Approval of this final application authorizes the coach/advisor to proceed with trip planning, including expending the appropriate funds.
    • For additional information, please click here for Policy 610R Field Trips.
    • Coaches/Advisors - please contact Dan Pratt with any questions about overnight stays (763-477-5846 x3011;

    Payment Voucher

    Complete a Payment Voucher for payment of prior approved invoices or fees (example, tournament entry fees). A copy of the tournament fee/registration form must be submitted with the Payment voucher.

    Receipt Form

    Complete a Receipt Form to deposit funds into an account. Deposits will require supporting documentation with the receipt form.

    Fundraising Application

    Complete a district Fundraising Application and submit to the Activities Director for approval. In addition to AD approval, all fundraisers run through the district, require Business Manager and Superintendent approval.  Expect 1-2 weeks for notification of fundraiser applications.  District fundraisers may not begin without prior district approval. Another option for fundraising is through the Rocket Booster Club. Please check with Dan Pratt for details and instructions.