Staff Development

Staff Development
  • If you are considering applying for staff development funds, ensure that the activity or conference you plan to attend is aligned with the documented ongoing work in your PLC and/or with the research-based current best practice. Documentation of this alignment will be required.

    The following steps are VERY IMPORTANT when completing the Staff Development Form!!

    You will need to complete a Staff Development Request Form, (download the form to the left.) 

    • If there is a paper registration form for the conference, please fill it out , scan and submit the paper registration form with the completed Staff Development Request Form along with any other details regarding registration.
    • If registration is online, please include the link or website to the conterence registration along with the completed Staff Development Request Form. DO NOT COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION YOURSELF (If online) - THIS MUST BE DONE AT THE DISTRICT OFFICE WHEN THE P.O. and/or OTHER FINANCING IS TAKEN CARE OF! 
    • If you need Lodging please include information (hotel name, address, phone number, conference code for special rates, etc.) and a room will be booked for you at the same time you are registered for the conference, the confirmation will be emailed to you. 
    • Please fill out the Staff Development Request Form online and email it back to Connie Leuer along with the conference registration form OR the link to the conference registration. Connie will take care of getting signatures from the appropriate supervisors and the Director of Teaching and Learning and will then send to the District office for the registration and the financing to be taken care of.
    • Records of all Staff Development Request Forms will be tracked by the Director of Teaching and Learning and a copy kept for Finance records at the DO.  

    If you have questions regarding anything on the staff development process please contact Connie Leuer -, 763-477-9165 ext. 4020 or Kevin Keller -, 763-477-9165 ext. 4005