• Information for Non-Public Schools and Families
    Regarding Transportation Reimbursement and Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Reporting

    Certain forms are necessary for non-public schools and their families to claim transportation reimbursement and to comply with Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Reporting laws. For your convenience, our district has consolidated the transportation reimbursement and compulsory student reporting forms to reduce duplicate reporting.  
    Form #1000 Parent Request Form and Instructions should be duplicated (2 sided) by the nonpublic school and made available to all parents of children eligible for reimbursement. Parents must complete and return this form to the non-public school. The school should then summarize all parent request forms onto Form #1002, then keep Form #1000 on file and submit Forms #1001 and #1002 to the district by October 1. Form #1000 (or form with similar information) should be filed at your school and must be completed by the parent or reimbursement will not be made.
    Form #1001 Non-Public School Application & Certification must be completed and submitted to the district by October 1 to Annie Mickelburg, mickelburga@rockford.k12.mn.us.
    Form #1002 Student Transportation Roster & Compulsory Instruction Attendance Report for all eligible students must be compiled and submitted to the Rockford school district by October 1 to Annie Mickelburg, mickelburg@rockford.k12.mn.us and transportation update resubmitted by May 15 to Sara Pepin, pepins@rockford.k12.mn.us. (Note: Helpful website for determining student’s resident district (pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us)).

    For the procedure and forms, please click here.