•  Sub Section Champ

    We are going to continue to build a program built off of our core beliefs. We believe these core beliefs will help us reach our goals on and off the field.  
    Effort and Attitude-
    I can control effort and attitude. I will not worry about the things I cannot control, (umpires, weather, fans, etc.)  It’s a waste of our time. I CAN ALWAYS control effort and attitude.
    I am a great teammate. I always pick my teammates up, I encourage my teammates, I respect and always do what’s best for the team.
    I desire to get better every day in all aspects of my life. I understand that baseball and life go hand in hand. I will respect both and continue to work hard at doing my absolute best.
    I will bring it every single day with a relentless positive attitude. I will do my best to ignore my opponent and compete against the game. 
    “The ballplayer that loses his head, who can't keep his cool, is worse than no ballplayer at all.”