• Early Childhood Health & Developmental Screening  

    State law requires that all children participate in Early Childhood Screening before they may enter public kindergarten.

    Identifying possible concerns early is the best way to prevent serious problems later.

    The ideal time to screen a child is after the child reaches age three and a half, but before he/she reaches age five. We ask that parents not wait until just before kindergarten, as concerns with vision, hearing or developmental progress are best addressed as early as possible. Early Childhood Screening provides an opportunity for parents to discuss concerns and find out about resources in the school and community.

    Early Childhood Screening includes:
    * Health history & immunization assessment
    * Hearing and vision screening
    * Speech, developmental, and fine & gross motor screening
    * Height and weight assessment
    * Summary interview with parents

    2018-19 Screening Dates:

    Wednesday, September 12
    Tuesday, October 23
    Tuesday, November 27
    Tuesday, February 12
    Thursday, March 14
    Thursday, April 18

    Appointments can be made by calling the Early Childhood Programs office at 763-477-7500.