• The Rockford Activities Department, in collaboration with the Tradition of Excellence committee, is proud to recommend the first class of Activities Hall of Fame Inductees for the year 2012-2013:
    Kari Bakker – Athlete
    Miles Johnson – Former Football Coach and Teacher at RHS
    John Klinger – Former Music Teacher and Band Director at RHS
    Joel Miller – Former Fine Arts Student – Drama – Music

    It is the purpose of the Rockford High School Activities Hall of Fame to give special recognition to people who have made contributions in promoting activities at Rockford High School and to preserve the heritage and tradition of Rocket Activities.
    Who May Be Selected
    A.  Athletes and Fine Arts Participants
    1.  To be eligible, it must be at least 5 years since the candidate graduated from RHS.
    2.  The candidate must have shown mature accomplishments since graduation as verified by the Tradition of Excellence Committee.
    3.  The committee shall consider the following criteria for selection purposes:
    a.  Participated on a championship team (conference, section, sub-section, etc.)
    b.  Participated in a state tournament as an individual or was on a team that qualified for state competition.
    c.  Earned a letter in more than one activity or lettered in one activity at least twice.
    d.  Earned a championship title in an individual sport.
    e.  Received a school recognition award.
    f.  Was named to an all-conference team.
    g.  Received a news media/community recognition award.
    B.  Coaches/Advisors
    1.  The candidate must be retired from coaching/advising for at least five years.
    2.  The candidate must have coached/advised a minimum of five years at RHS.
    3.  The committee shall consider the following criteria:
    a.  Coached/advised a team/group that won a championship.
    b.  Coached/advised at team or an individual in state competition.
    c.  Earned an area, state, or national coaching/advisor award.
    C.  Special Division
    1.  Other people who have made major contributions to promoting activities at RHS as determined by the Selection Committee.
    Nomination Process
    A.  Anyone may make a nomination to the Tradition of Excellence Committee by filling out the proper nominating form.
    B.  Forms are available at the Rockford High School Activities Office and must be returned to the same by January 31st of each year to be considered for recognition the following  fall.
    C.  The Tradition of Excellence Committee will meet annually to consider nominations.
    D.  A unanimous or consensus vote is needed for acceptance.
    E.  The Tradition of Excellence Committee may make rules, regulations, etc. as needed to provide for the selection and necessary procedures for induction.
    F.  Those not selected remain candidates indefinitely.
    G.  Winners will be announced and presented with awards at a recognition ceremony, held bi-annually in the fall of even years.