• Nomination Process Considerations

    Letters of reference and other documentation must be provided to support the criteria achievements and must be received by the nomination deadlines. Further information about your candidate may be attached should the space provided not be sufficient. Additional supporting documentation shall not exceed five pages. The committee may request additional information.

    Nomination Deadlines:

    Nominations are reviewed twice a year by theTradition of Excellence committee. The date for receipt of nominations is December 7th of every year. Nominations will be held on file for two years. Any additional support information must be provided by annual nomination deadlines.

    Also, this committee may actively seek candidates independently of nomination for this award. The Committee will recommend candidates for the Honorary Diploma to the Superintendent who will then forward the names to the Rockford School Board for ratification. The Honorary Diploma will be presented at commencement ceremony. The recipient must be present to receive the award.