• Business Services

                  Receipt of Funds 

     Money may only be accepted at the front office of each building and at the District Office. A receipt form must be completed and sent to the District Office with the accompanying funds and necessary receipts in a locked cash bag. Please contact the Business Office with any questions. 

                          Click HERE for the Receipt Form 

     Click HERE for the Voucher Form
     to be used when requesting a payment, attaching all appropriate
               information necessary for vendor payment.     

                  Identification Badge

    The district provides new staff with an identification badge and lanyard.  On school picture day, staff are also photographed and an ID badge is provided from the picture vendor.  School employees are expected to wear their identification badge during hours of school operation and at special events.  Substitutes, volunteers obtain badges in their building offices to wear when they are present at school sites during hours of operation.  Anyone present in the buildings during the school day that is not identified with either an employee badge, visitor badge, or vendor badge should be asked to report to the office to obtain necessary identification. 


    Facilities Rental

    Policy 902 sets guidelines for use of school buildings. To reserve space in district buildings visit

    Policy 902-Use of Facilities and Equipment


    Student Activity Funds


    NEW! Revised Student Activity Fund Overview 

                                 Student Activity Fund Payment Form
    Student Activity Fund Receipt Form
                                 Student Activity 50/50 Raffle Receipt Form
                                 Student Activity Fund Transfer Form

                            Fundraising Application Form 
    Requisition Form 
                            High School Raffle Rules


    Mileage Reimbursement

        Current Mileage Rate

    2019 IRS Mileage Rate:  $.585   (for miles driven during 2019)




       Employee Expense Reimbursement Information

    To claim reimbursement for mileage expenses, submit the

    Travel Reimbursement Form to the payroll department.  Employee expenses are reimbursed through the payroll system. 

                                   Policy 412R Expense Reimbursement


    Purchasing Procedures

    Authorized employees can login to SmartER to place an online order request.  Once you have placed your online order request via SmartER, please email your building secretary, she will route your request to the building principal for approval.  You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been placed.  After your order has arrived make sure to sign and send all packing lists to the Business Office. 
    Online ordering quick guide instructions
    Click here to login to SmartER.
    Click here to for Instructions on how to log on to SmartER.

    Workers Compensation

    Workers Compensation benefits, which are specified by law, are provided to protect employees in the event of a work-related injury or illness resulting in medical care and/or loss of time from work.

    In order to avoid possible delays in processing workers compensation claims, it is very important that all work-related injuries are reported immediately to your supervisor.    A report is completed on-line through the first report of injury in smart systems by your building administrator.  If you are hurt or injured on the job contact a building administrator immediately.