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Rockford Native American Parent Action Committee (NAPAC)

The work of the Rockford Native American Parent Action Committee (NAPAC) formally began during the 2020-21 school year. The committee consists of parents and guardians of various Native American Indian ancestry, or affiliation. The committee elected two co-chairs, created goals and identified strategies and measures of success. 

NAPAC is in need of more parent participation. If you are interested serving on the committee or helping in our efforts please reach out to Mathhew Scheidler at (763) 477-1006.

1: The Native Parent Committee will provide each Native student with an age-appropriate Native-created resources (e.g., book, film, map, etc.) during the 2020-21 school year.
2: The Native Parent Committee will work collaboratively with Rockford Area School staff to survey teaching and learning needs, consider resources, develop curriculum ideas, and answer questions of RAS students, staff, and families.
3: The Native Parent Committee will coordinate monthly student and family meetings to discuss perceptions and perspectives of local and national people, places, and events related to Native Americans.

Picture taken at the NAPAC Family Picnic (Spring 2021).