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Arts Program

The Arts Magnet Program provide students the opportunity for:

  • creative expression
  • critical thinking
  • self-confidence 
  • communication skills

The REAMS Art Program provides:

  • Appreciation of the arts and multi-cultural experiences for all students through the artistic disciplines of dance, music, theater, and visual art
  •  Weekly small-group piano lessons for all third and fourth grade students
  • Arts Block classes for fourth grade students:
    • Visual Art (creating art installations for the permanent collection at REAMS)
    • Choir
    • Dance
    • Reader’s Theater
    • Theater Games
    • World Drumming
    • Gullah Stick Pounding
  • Spotlight on the Arts Concerts
    • Classroom teachers and arts specialists collaborate to connect the arts and academic concepts studied in the classroom in annual grade level performances
  • Arts & Academics Showcase
    • Students perform and present in May what they have been learning throughout the school year
  • Artist-in-Residence opportunities for students at all grade levels:
    • Partnering with several Twin Cities based artists and musicians who provide experiences for students at REAMS in the areas of dance, music, theater, and visual arts
    • Each class connects the residency to a learning experience from the classroom
  • Arts related field trips
  • Partnerships with Arts Agencies from across the Twin Cities:
    • Partnering with Arts agencies to provide staff development for the teachers and Artist in Residence opportunities for the students at each grade level
    • Opportunities for staff professional development through the Perpich Center for Arts Education and Northwest Suburban Integration School District
  • Fourth grade students design the yearbook cover through visual art class
  • Students have been recognized for their wide array of talents in art and music:
    • Aviation Art contest winners for the past 20 years
    • Fourth grade students have participated in Celebration of Young Musicians as well as the state-wide Minnesota Elementary Honor Choir