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Buildings and Grounds

Our Mission is: 

“Create a safe, clean and welcoming environment for all teachers, students, and community members to teach and learn in a transparency environment”


Rockford Area Schools received a grant from SFM insurance company to reduce slip and falls in the winter. The district then purchased a applicator machine (Yellow machine in  the back of the Kubota) to spray a mixture of salt brine and calcium chloride to deice sidewalks to prevent snow and ice build up for a clearer walkway for students, staff and community members. The district also partnered with the City of Minnetonka to purchase our brine and different mixtures of brine to spray on the sidewalks. The district has been working closely with a neighboring school district and the city of Minnetonka to learn the best way to apply the product.

As always when icy conditions appear do the penguin shuffle and wear the right footwear. STAY SAFE.



James Leuer
Director of Buildings and Grounds
763-477-9165  ext. 4007
Refrigeration Certified
Chief C Boilers License
2C Boiler License
Mailing Address 
6051 Ash Street 
Rockford, MN 55373 
Department Office
Rockford High School
7650 County Road 50
Rockford, MN 55373