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Technology Services

Welcome to the Rockford Area Schools Technology Services web page.  If you need help, we are here to help you. 

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT - Below are a few different ways to contact us:

1. Please fill out a Technology Support Form
2. Email the TechTeam for assistance. (
3. Call a technology support person at (763) 477-7540

 TECHNOLOGY - Google Workspace for Education Resources
Google Training and Resources
Google storage limitations are in place on all users.

TECHNOLOGY - Data Governance

Over the past few years a greater emphasis has been placed on improving security controls to better safeguard our privacy, assets, and data. 

Some of these additional actions being taken include: 
 - implementing multi-factor authentication on user accounts;
- revised and tested incident response plans;
- scanning our network ports and closing open ports that are un-necessary;
- air gapped and encrypted backups of necessary data;
- the inventory and removal of outdated programs and software;
- improving our endpoint detection and response systems;
- improving our ability to log and track actions;
-increasing awareness training to our staff and students;
- improving our ability to manage updates and patches;
- improving our user management controls including access and passwords.

The Technology Services department has been following up on these actions by undergoing outside audits of our programs and systems and joining other agencies in training and implementing improved protocols to better serve or community.

TECHNOLOGY - Digital Learning

Rockford Area Schools is dedicated in providing our students, staff, parents, and community with opportunities for personal growth and development.  Our school district strives to prepare people to be successful in a world that seems focused on using a great amount of technology in workplaces and personal lifestyles. 

Rockford Area Schools is committed to providing quality digital tools for our students to learn, grow, and keep up with the changing technology needs of our world. New digital tools arise every day.  We continually evaluate technology tools to ensure they are appropriate and safe for our students’ ages, grade levels, and are relevant to their learning. Please reference our inventory of our curriculum, testing, and assessment tools, located on our Digital Tools page.

This list will be maintained and communicated annually to all families at the start of the school year.

The technology staff at Rockford Schools support many academic and community programs with a few mentioned below: (We)
 - manage a comprehensive 1:1 device program with Chromebooks available to all students in a K-12 Magnet and International Baccalaureate school environment;
- work with Teaching and Learning staff to support and improve personalized student learning; 
- implement and review procedures to maintain data privacy of our stakeholders while promoting transparency of programs;
- utilize technology to improve communications and increase engagement of our students, parents, staff and community;
- provide digital tools to promote online, digital, blended, and face to face learning strategies in a safe environment;
- inform stakeholders using databases and data analytics to help form instruction, create evidence based decisions and measure the effectiveness of professional practices.



Jeff Kienitz
Director of Technology
763-477-9165 ext. 4008

Aaron Jensen
Technology Support Technician
763-477-9165 ext. 4023
Dan Madson
Technology Support Technician
763-477-9165 ext. 4021
Mary Spike
Technology Support Technician
763-477-9165 ext. 4022