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Goggle Workspace for Education

The district currently uses 16 core services associated with Google Workspace for Education in some capacity.
 - Assignments - Integrates assignments with Infinite Campus.
 - Calendar - Schedule meetings, reminders, and tasks (time management).
 - Classroom - Allows teachers to post classroom activities and curriculum online.
 - Cloud Search - Finds relevant data and files within the person's account.
 - Drive and Docs - Allows stakeholder to produce documents in various format and store them in a clod based account.
 - Gmail - provides district (student) email services.
 - Google Chat and classic Hangouts (deprecated) - Allows students to hold conversations within the confines of the district to support the classroom and classroom discussions.
 - Google Chrome Sync - used to sync administrative and user settings, bookmarks, security settings, privacy settings and similar data from the administrative console to the individuals accounts and back.
 - Google Meet - Used to meet with students primarily when classes are conducted off campus (i.e. Covid-19).  This program allows for audio and video participation of students and classes during times when school is moved off campus for students.
 - Google Vault - The program is used for retention and e-discovery of student data.
 - Groups - Groups are created as a mailing tool allowing people to email groups of students or staff.
 - Jamboard - Jamboard is a digital whiteboard allowing people to collaborate visually in real time.
 - Migrate - when active, allows some students to migrate data from Microsoft or other products to their Google account.
 - Sites - Allows teachers and some students to create team or project web sites.
- Tasks  - Allows users to create task lists with the Google Workspace to improve responsibility and time management skills.

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Educational Data Shared with Vendor:

The Google Privacy & Terms outlines provisions of data it requests and retains on student participants.  Below are some of the known elements.  Please refer to the policy for a more complete listing.  Google has published a Google Workspace for Education Data Protection Guide that further explains data and the protections of the data.

Some Known Data Elements:

Green Check Box
Student Name: Directory Information
Green Check Box
Student Application Username and Password
Green Check Box
Student Email and Email Address
Green Check Box
Student School
Green Check Box
Student Generated Content
Green Check Box
Student Application Data
Green Check Box
Cookie Data

Status Notes:
This program can be accessed through a single sign-on with Google.

The youngest grade in use: Grade K during the Covid-19 period when classes were off campus for some students.  Generally few Google services are integrated at grade 3 allowing for single sign on with other products

This program may be in use by students under the age of 13.

Google contractually requires that schools using Google Workspace for Education and any Additional Services, if applicable, obtain parental consent required under COPPA.

Google for Education - Privacy and Security Center web page