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Digital Tool - Kahoot


Kahoot is used as a quizzing tool. For teachers and students, Kahoot! helps to teach, review and retain knowledge in an interactive and engaging way, both in class and at home via distance learning. 
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Log-in: Kahoot

Resources: Kahoot - Edu Resources

how does it work?: Kahoot

Educational Data Shared with Vendor:

Kahoot has published a "Trust Center" site to help explain data and security.   Below are some of the known elements.  Please refer to the policy for a more complete listing.

Some Known Data Elements:

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Student Name: Directory Information
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Student Application Username and Password
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Student Email Address
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Student Generated Content
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Student Age
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Cookie Data

Status Notes:
This program can be accessed through the site and/or with Microsoft, Google, and Clever single sign on.

The youngest grade in use: Grade 1.
This program may be in use by students under the age of 13.