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Math Playground
Math Playground

Lalilo is a research based phonics and comprehension program used for in-school and distance learning.

Lalilo is an innovative, visually engaging, standards-aligned literacy software program intended for:

  • Students who are learning to read, typically Kindergarten through Grade 2.
  • Younger children, including those in preschool, who have mastered essential vocabulary and early literacy skills, and reading instruction is now appropriate.

Lalilo supports literacy learning and instruction through interactive and developmentally appropriate exercises for students and extensive data tracking and planning tools for teachers. Our lessons focus on all components of literacy, including:

  • phonological and phonemic awareness
  • letter and word recognition
  • comprehension and fluency
  • vocabulary
  • writing
  • social literacy
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Educational Data Shared with Vendor:

Math Playground's privacy policy outlines data that is required for the program to be effective.  Some of the elements are listed below. Math Playground claims they do not collect personally indentifiable information from children.

Some Known Data Elements:

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Student Name: class code to access
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Cookie Data

Status Notes:
This program can be accessed through the class or school code provided by the teacher.  

The youngest grade in use: Grade K.
This program may be in use by students under the age of 13.

Math Playground is kidSAFE COPPA CERTIFIED. This means that Math Playground's privacy practices satisfy the current COPPA compliancy rules for children's websites. Math Playground earned this distinction after passing a rigorous examination of the entire website.