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Digital Tool - MN Historical Society


MN Historical Society
Minnesota Historical Society

This program supports the Minnesota History curriculum. 

  • Meets sixth grade Minnesota Studies social studies standards
  • Vetted by content experts, historians, and teachers
  • Components include:
    • Interactive eBook for browsers and app (student and teacher licenses)
    • Editable, digital workbook files
    • Print Student Edition
    • Print Annotated Teacher's Edition + Workbook (two-book set)
    • Minnesota Maps Poster Set

The Minnesota Historical Society preserves Minnesota's past, shares our state's stories and connects people with history in meaningful ways, for today and for tomorrow. Because history matters!

We're part of Minnesota's rich history. Since 1849, we've grown to become one of the largest and most prestigious historical societies in the country. We play an important role in our state's historic preservation, education and tourism; and provide the public with award-winning programs, exhibitions and events.


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Log-in: teacher controlled.

 Features:  MNHS Northern Lights program

Educational Data Shared with Vendor:

The MN Historical Society has an additional policy regarding it's Interactive eBooks and program. All students in a given school/district use the same login, so the society is not collecting individual students’ personal information through individual user accounts or logins. Therefore, the does not collect, use, or disclose student personal information.

Some Known Data Elements:

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Student Name: ALL use the same log in.
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Status Notes:
This program can be accessed through an single school log-in.  

The youngest grade in use: Grade 6.

This program may be in use by students under the age of 13.