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Newsela is used to reinforce Language Arts curriculum.

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Educational Data Shared with Vendor:

Newsela's privacy policy outlines data that is required for the program by the classroom teacher.  The privacy policy of Newsela lists additional elements that may be collected and discusses how they adhere to COPPA, Ferpa, and other student data privacy laws.

Some Known Data Elements:

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Student Name: Directory Information
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Student Application Username and Password
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Student Application Email
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Student Class Affiliation
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Student Generated Content
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Status Notes:
This program can be accessed through the Newsela website or through a Microsoft, Google, or Clever single sign-on.  The data for Near may be rostered from student records to the program by an application called Clever.

The youngest grade in use: Grade 4-12.
This program may be in use by students under the age of 13.