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Digital Tool - Padlet



Padlet is an inspiration and collaboration tool used to support curriculum in grades 2-12.

Padlet takes the idea of the notice board and makes it digital, so it's enhanced. This creates a space for teachers and students in education to share but in a way that's actually better than the real-world version. Unlike a physical notice board, this space can be populated with rich media, including words and images as well as videos and links too. All that and it's instantly updated for anyone sharing the space to see right away. Everything can be kept private, made public, or shared with a specific group. This is just one of the education specific features that shows the company built this with the needs of teachers and students in mind. (from:

Privacy Policy Terms of Use Visit Website



Log-in: Padlet


Educational Data Shared with Vendor:

Padlet's privacy policy outlines data that is required for the program to be effective.  Some of the elements are listed below. 

Some Known Data Elements:

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Student Name: Directory Information
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Student Application Username and Password
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Student Application Email
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Student Generated Content
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Cookie Data

Status Notes:
This program can be accessed through the Padlet website or through a Google or Microsoft single sign-on.  

The youngest grade in use: Grade 2-12.
This program may be in use by students under the age of 13.