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Facilities Planning

This summer we are excited to start work on a few of the highest priority long range plan projects that have been identified over the last two years of facility planning. Our middle school site and the shared site of the elementary and high schools will both be getting new bus loop pick up/drop off locations. 
Our goal remains to provide a safe environment for our learners and our visitors and separating the traffic of busses from all other visitors will greatly improve our site safety. This work will take place over the summer and be finishing up right as school gets back in session next fall. The work will involve heavy machinery moving a lot of earth to install drainage piping, sidewalks, curbs, and asphalt paving. This is the start of a multiyear and multi-faceted plan for our facilities so please monitor our board meetings for more information.

The project on the first picture is the new bus loop for REAMS and RHS.

Bus loop 2


The project on the second picture is the new bus loop for RMS-CES.

Bus loop 1