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Rockford Area Schools will be on the ballot in November for the purpose of electing three school board members for four-year terms. Filing for school board candidacy opens on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 through Tuesday, August 16, 2022. Election day is November 8, 2022. More information will be posted closer to the start of filing.
Individuals interested to be a School Board Member, must file an Affidavit of Candidacy and pay a $2 filing fee at the District Office located at 6051 Ash St. Rockford, MN 55373.
The four candidates running for School Board for the Rockford Area School District are Eric Gordee, Beth Praska, Lindsay Fenrich and Jamie Hillstrom. CLICK HERE for election information and a sample ballot. CLICK HERE for candidate information on the Minnesota Secretary of State website.
Within seven days of the general election, certification of Campaign Financial Reports must be filed from each candidate running for School Board. CLICK HERE for the final Campaign Financial Report Certification of Filing from the Rockford Area School Board Candidates. 
Within ten days of the general election, the Board of Education needs to canvass the election results. CLICK HERE for the Resolution Canvassing Returns of Votes of the School District General Election, along with the signed abstract of votes cast, from the Special Meeting of the Rockford Area Schools Board of Education on Friday, November 18, 2022, at 7:00 a.m.
At the Special Meeting of the Rockford Area Schools Board of Education meeting, following the canvassing of election results, the Board Chair and Clerk signed the Certificates of Election. CLICK HERE to view Certificates of Election for Eric Gordee, Beth Praska and Jamie Hillstrom, the candidates who received the three largest numbers of votes cast for the office of School Board Member of Independent School District 883 for a full four-year term.  CLICK HERE for the Acceptance of Office and Oath of Office documents.

Thinking about running for a school board election seat? Interested in the work of public school boards? MSBA’s Greg Abbott will run through an orientation of the campaign process and how school board members’ work focuses on helping all students achieve.

“Get On Board — Tips and Timelines for School Board Candidates?” is a webinar board members can share with potential candidates in their own district, as well as a walk-through for current board members who are running for re-election in an ever-politicized General Election this November.



I. To qualify for election to your local school board you must be:

School board members are elected to 4-year terms and take office the first Monday in January (M.S. 123B.09, Subd. 1).

II. By law, (M.S. 123B.09, Subd.1the school boards in Minnesota are made up of either 6 or 7 members. Some exceptions have been created by special legislation, often for consolidated districts.

III. A conflict of interest if you are a board member and

  • expect to make over $20,000 as an employee of the district in any fiscal year or (M.S. 123B.195)
  • have a personal financial interest in the sale, lease or contract with the district (there are exceptions) (M.S. 471.87 and M.S. 471.88) or
  • hold another elected position except township board (Op. Att’y Gen. 358 Dec. 18, 1970)

IV. Board Authority

M.S. 123B.02, Subd. 1, states that “the board must have the general charge of the business of the district, the school houses, and of the interests of the schools thereof. The board’s authority to govern, manage, and control the district; to carry out its duties and responsibilities; and to conduct the business of the district includes implied powers in addition to any specific powers (of which there are many) granted by the legislature.”

The board’s authority must be reconciled with M.S. 123B.143 which states that all districts maintaining a classified secondary school must employ a superintendent. A number of specific duties of the superintendent are noted in the statute.

MSBA School Board Election Resources

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