• Ms. Amelia Harren

    Our program is founded on the belief that all children have great potential, are curious and are interested in constructing their learning. We encourage positive peer and social relations, development of critical thinking skills, and facilitate the development of self-esteem by fostering independence and problem-solving skills.


    We offer preschool classes for children ages three through five. Classes are offered half days 2, 3 or 5 days per week and full days, 2  or 3 days per week. Each class has a maximum of 16 children, a licensed teacher and an assistant.

    I currently teach the M-F AM class, MWF PM, and Tue/Thur PM classes.


  • Anderson, Michelle

    Business: 763-477-7500 x1212
    Email: andersonm@rockford.k12.mn.us

    Harren, Amelia

    Business: 763-477-7500 x1211
    Email: harrena@rockford.k12.mn.us

    Meier, Tracy

    Business: 763-477-7500 x1213
    Email: meiert@rockford.k12.mn.us

    Schrempp, Dana

    Business: 763-477-7500 x1200
    Email: schremppd@rockford.k12.mn.us

    Schroeder, Terry

    Business: 763-477-7500 x1210
    Email: schroedert@rockford.k12.mn.us