• Ms. Terry Schroeder

    Our preschool program is founded on the belief that all children have great potential, are curious and are interested in constructing their learning. We encourage positive peer and social relations, development of critical thinking skills, and facilitate the development of self-esteem by fostering independence and problem-solving skills. Currently I'm teaching the following preshool classes MWF All Day, T/TH All Day. I have 16 children in each preschool class. Our day begins with an opening meeting to greet children and to discuss what we'll be doing on a particular day. Daily and weekly provocations are provided for math, literacy, dramatic play, art/media exploration, science and sensory exploration. We end each day with a meeting where we engage in movement, sharing time, stories/activies and discussion about our day. My preschool classes are child centered and open ended. Learning is immersed into our play. We visit the REAMS library weekly and large motor time is provided daily either in our large motor room or outdoors on the playground.

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  • Anderson, Michelle

    Email: Andersonm@rockford.k12.mn.us

    Meier, Tracy

    Email: Meiert@rockford.mn.us

    Reinhard, Tiffany

    Email: nelsont@rockford.k12.mn.us