• Ms. Tracy Meier

    ECFE is a voluntary public school program for all Minnesota families with children between the ages of birth and kindergarten.

    ECFE's Mission

    The mission of ECFE is to strengthen families through education and support for parents in providing the best possible environment for healthy growth and development of their children.

    ECFE believes that what parents do is important. ECFE recognizes and supports parents' understanding of their children as well as their parental roles. What parents do to guide and nurture their own children and their skills in working with others who share responsibility for their child's development (teachers, schools, and others in the community) is critical to each child's future and the future of our nation.

    About ECFE...
    ECFE is recognized as a national model for parent education and family support.  ECFE includes:
    * parent-child activities
    * parent discussion groups
    * play and learn activities for children
    * home visits
    * special events for the entire family
    * book lending libraries
    * information on community resources
    * newsletters sent yearly to all families with young children who are listed on the school census.
    * the Community Education brochure also has updated information in the fall. winter, and summer.
    * morning, afternoon and evening classes are offered.

    I currently teach all Play n Learn classes.


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