The mission of the EXCEL program is to recognize gifted and talented students. RMS-CES works to meet our students' academic, social, and emotional needs; we believe in a tradition of excellence, one student at a time.


  • March 24-28

    What a whirlwind week! It hardly seems possible that spring break is already here. I've spent part of this week at WEB training- a new transition program for middle school that trains 8th graders to be positive leaders for gropus of incoming students. I'm very excited for the program and for the climate it will bring to our school! I hope everyone has a relaxing break; we'll all come back to …

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  • March 17-21

    The first day of spring is Thursday... think sunshine, everyone! This week, 8th grade will be working on their geography fair projects, deciding how to showcase and analyze their information. 7th grade will be reading through their scripts and deciding which to perform in the tech room with the blue screen. 6th grade will also be doing blue screen work, but they will be using photography instead …

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  • March 10-14

    Welcome to 3rd trimester! Once again, the school year has flown by... and signs of spring are just around the corner! 6th grade will wrap up their science inquirty this week, 7th grade will be starting their blue screen scripts for a performance, and 8th grade will continue to work on their movie, the welcoming project for incoming 5th and 6th graders, and will also start to help organize the …

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  • March 3-7

    Think spring! We have a warming trend headed our way... just in time for 6th and 8th grade to head to Baker Near Wilderness Settlement on Thursday and Friday! This week, we'll be working with blue screen technology, planning the career fair, and finishing up our science inquiry projects.

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  • February 24-28

    This month, we're discussing how to make school work for students... tips and strategies for talking to teachers, creating independent projects, and pushing ourselves to succeed. It's been great to hear student ideas and responses! Our students are incredibly driven at RMS-CES.

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  • February 17-21

    This week is all about History Day for the 7th graders!! Congratulations to everyone for finally approaching the finish line for this project. We've all been working so hard in our classes to put the finishing touches on our work!

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  • February 10-14

    It's already Thursday and I have forgotten to post an EXCEL update. I must have other things on my mind... like the Battle of the Books!! Good luck to all of the teams as they compete today! It's great to see all of the activites going on the media center for "I Love to Read" month. Come see me if you need a book recommendation!

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  • February 3-7

    It's hard to believe the school year is already half over! Time flies here at RMS-CES. In 6th grade this week, we'll be finishing our arm scarves and continuing our work on our science exploration topics. In 7th grade, we'll wrap up our photography unit. In 8th grade, we'll head over to REAMS for their Engineering Day on Wednesday to teach our lessons. Baker Park trips also happen this week on …

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  • January 29-31

    Welcome back after a long (cold) weekend! For the next three days in EXCEL, 8th grade students will be working on blocking and staging scene four as well as preparing for engineering day at REAMS next week. 7th graders will be finishing their macro photography and highlighting their best photos of the week. 6th graders are arm knitting... look for some big, puffy scarves! Stay warm!

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  • January 20-24

    Another chilly week! Stay warm out there! Some 8th graders are working with Mr. Engel, our technology director, to add layers to their video production, while others are planning our engineering day at REAMS. 7th graders have been working on photography; our focus this week was taking macro shots and using Pixlr to edit photos. 6th graders are busy with their science exploration and have …

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  • January 13-17

    A five day week! 8th graders will be working on taping scene 3 of their movie as well as designing an engineering activity for 3rd grade classrooms; National Engineering Week is in February! 7th graders are in the midst of a photography unit, and this week we'll be working on point of view and action shots. 6th graders are starting to research their science inquiry projects as well as talking …

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  • January 8-10

    Our week was shortened by two days.. and cold temperatures! On Wednesday, I will be bringing a group of 6th grade students to the Science Rocks! conference at SCSU. Students will have the opportunity to attend a number of different sessions with activies such as 3D modeling, dissection, and astronomy. This month, our EXCEL topic is time management; we'll be examining how to deal with big and …

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  • January 2 and 3

    Easing back into a routine... I hope we can handle a two day week! 8th grade will be starting scene four of their play, finishing debates, and starting to think about elementary activities for National Engineering Week in Feburary. 7th grade will be discussing History Day, debating our next EXCEL unit, and having some fun with trivia. 6th grade will be starting our science inquiry project and …

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  • December 16-20

    Our last week before break! 8th grade will be taking their EXPLORE test during Boost, and they will get their results in the spring to help with high school planning. The EXPLORE test helps students match their interests with their skills, and it provides insight into a student's future! 7th grade will be performing A Christmas Carol on Thursday; we have performances at 11:10 and 11:30 at …

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  • December 9-13

    Brrr!!! We'll keep warm this week in EXCEL with all of the activities we have going on! 6th grade is finishing testing their Rube Goldberg... so far, we've had cereal poured into a bowl, an egg get dyed, and a phone turn on. Here's hoping the rest of the projects work! 7th grade is still working on their production of A Christmas Carol- the perfomance at the middle school is during Boost on …

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