• RMS-CES Counselor

    Hi Everyone! I know you are all faced with a number of challenges right now. I want you to know that you are not alone. Please know even though we are not at school, I am still here to support you any way I can. With that being said, I will have set office hours that you can call and connect with me. You can reach me Monday through Friday (during the office hours below) on the following phone number:


    My office hours will be the following:

    8-10 am & 6-8 pm

    If these office hours do not work with your schedule, please send me an email or fill out the Counselor Meeting Request form and I will coordinate a different time that works for you. I hope to hear from you and hear all about your day and your new learning adventures!

    Speaking of your day, I understand that one of the biggest challenges may be adjusting to having everyone at home...all day. I know as parents you may be worried about how you are going to help your child adjust to a new way of learning or feel overwhelmed with the thought of trying to get your child to “do school” in this new way. Students, I know this is a complete change for you all as well. Learning how to "learn" independently, staying focused, and actully doing school work without your teachers has it's own set of challenges. As all of us prepare to support our students and their learning in new ways, one thing that may help is to remember the importance of structure. Taking steps now to help structure each day will not only help students now but it may make the transition “back to school” easier as well.

    We know structure helps kids. Structure—organizes their day. Structure—gives them a sense of purpose. Structure—gives them a focus. Structure provides all of us with a sense of reassurance, and we know our students need reassurance right now. As you think about ways to structure your day please feel free to refer to my tab on "How to Sturture My Day".



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