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School Closings

School closings due to severe weather or other emergency reasons will be posted on the district website at A media message will be announced over TV stations, KARE 11 TV WCCO 4, KSTP 5 and KMSP 9, and also placed on KRWC 1360 radio. 

Complementing the media messages is our family notification system through Infinite Campus. This calling system is very effective, but your help is needed to maintain accurate numbers.  Parents and staff are asked to update home and business phone numbers, as well as email addresses, in the system in order to assure that the notification system functions at its most efficient level to reach you wherever you are. We may use this system to deliver more than one message during a given storm as circumstances dictate. 

Please remember that the Infinite Campus parent notification system will call work phone numbers, but cannot recognize extensions. Working parents should talk with receptionists at their office about the district’s notification system. Whenever possible, direct dial numbers or cell phone numbers should be used instead of switchboard or receptionist numbers.

The school district may conclude that students can be safely transported to and from school and keep school open, but an individual parent may disagree with our decision. Under such conditions, parents must exercise their judgment regarding the attendance of their child(ren). We will respect all reasonable decisions in these circumstances and excuse any absence.

For more information, please review our E-Learning Day Plan.

For detailed transportation information for our NWSISD enrolled students, please review here: NWSISD Transportation Information.