Kindness Project 

    Kindness Matters

    Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School students and staff are working together on a building-wide Kindness Project.  Giving students the tools to treat each other in a positive manner in every situation is our goal.  The following activities have given staff and students many opportunities to share in Kindness activities together.


    ·       REAMS staff has partnered with Youth Frontiers to help provide a strong foundation for students and the implementation of the Kindness Project.  Students have been involved with Youth Frontiers in Kindness Assemblies and the Kindness Retreat. 

    ·         The Kindness Council and Smile Squad meet bi-monthly and are made up of students in grades Kindergarten through fourth grade.  Students work together to help promote Kindness at Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School through service learning projects.  The students have led project that include: the food shelf drive, Humane Society pet supply drive, and Fill a Bucket Kindness Wall. 

    ·         A Kindness Song was written and learned by all students in the school.

    ·         Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School staff is working on kindness projects, writing activities, and using kindness in their morning meetings in the classrooms. 

    ·         The school counselor has met with many classes to teach kindness lessons.