Parent Involvement Opportunities

    Physical Education Family Fun Night
    Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School’s goal is to get kids starting healthy habits at a young age and enthused about moving their body’s every day. Students are reminded that exercise shouldn't begin or stop at the gym door, so encouraging them to join in your daily routines for family fitness is encouraged. Family Fun Night provides families the opportunity to enjoy an activity filled night together. Families participate in relay games, cup stacking, and some free time with equipment in the gym. Many families participate in these events.  It is a wonderful way to stay fit and build positive community relationships as well.

    Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School Math and Reading Night

    The Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School faculty provides special interest reading and math sessions for our elementary school parents. Faculty members share current methods being used to teach math and reading as well as some of their favorite tips and tricks to use at home to support a child’s learning.

    Students and their parents are able to visit math and reading activity tables to learn games and tips to assist them in their math and reading skills.  It is an active, hands-on, night for all of our learners at REAMS to better their skills in the area of math and reading.