• For the past six years, Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School has offered piano lessons to all third and fourth grade students. This opportunity allows students to learn to play piano for the very first time, or to enhance their current piano skills during weekly group lessons incorporated into the school day. Both student and parent reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Students are excited to learn to play piano and their sense of pride in all they have accomplished really shines through. Parents are eager to order piano books and sheet music for their students to practice at home, and students enjoy the songs we learn in class and are proud to play them for others. Numerous performance opportunities are available throughout the school year to showcase student accomplishments and progress.
    Research shows that there are many beneficial attributes children acquire from learning to play the piano. Some of the most prevalent include:
    -Higher math scores, especially on problems dealing with ratios and fractions.
    -Enhanced memory.
    -Increased coordination.
    -Improved self-discipline.
    -Improved concentration and focus.
    Preparation for future band and choral experiences.
    Arts integration is a key factor to enhancing student learning at REAMS, and the staff is excited to provide this opportunity for our students.