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Welcome to Title 1 K-5!

Hello and welcome to the Reading Intervention Program at REAMS & RMS CES!

What is Title 1?
Title 1 is a federally funded program that provides additional math and/or reading instruction to students who need an extra boost to meet their educational goals. Students who are in the Title 1 program are not necessarily learning disabled; most of them simply need extra time or more targeted instruction in order to be successful.

How does my child qualify for Title 1?
At REAMS & RMS CES, we use a variety of assessments to determine which students may qualify for Title 1 services.

~In Kindergarten, initial benchmark assessments are used such as how many letters, sounds and sight words a student knows, as well as how much a student knows about print concepts.

~In 1st & 2nd grades, students' reading levels (A-W) are used as a preliminary screeener Further data is examined for students who are reading at the A, B or C levels.  Data may include: the number of sight words, letters, sounds and nonsense words a student knows, and NWEA MAP data.

~In 3rd-5th grade, interventions are determined using students' NWEA MAP data, MCA scores, reading levels, and past intervention data.

Will my child always be in the program?
No. We work closely with the classroom teacher to monitor student progress. When a student significantly improves in reading skills, the student exits the program.

Title 1 Reading uses research-based instructional methods, and focuses on what is known as "The Fab 5":
• Phonemic Awareness - hearing each sound in a word
• Phonics - making the connection between letter and sound (otherwise known as "sounding it out")
• Fluency - reading speed and the way the voice sounds in response to the text
• Vocabulary - meaning of words
• Comprehension - understanding what is read explicitly and implicitly
Make sure to browse around the Links for Learning to see how you can help your child at home. If you have questions or would like more guidance on helping your child, please don't hesitate to contact us!