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Students in the Band Program receive Superior ratings in the Solo/Ensemble contest

On April 12, Rockford hosted an "In House" solo/ensemble contest for the band program.  Altogether, we had 31 entries and 50 students participate. Of the thirty one entries, twenty two received "superior" ratings (the highest possible rating) with the remaining nine receiving a rating of "excellent". 

Receiving a rating of “Excellent”

  1. Claire Shaikoski: trumpet solo
  2. Lincoln Johnson: trumpet solo
  3. Grace Finger: clarinet solo
  4. Maggie Johnson: clarinet solo
  5. Kate Kariniemi: flute solo
  6. Libby Johnson: flute solo
  7. Trumpet Quartet: Cole Tauber, Ina Xhelilaj, Claire Shaikoski, Evan Rootness
  8. Flute Duet: Scout Lund, Sydney Boyd
  9. Clarinet Trio: Natasha James, Jayden Doboszenski, Charlie Coleman

Receiving a rating of “Superior”

  1. Trumpet Duet: Aliyah Robran, Hannah Moe
  2. Evan Rootness: trumpet solo
  3. Cassia Cady, Sophie Bremel: French horn duet
  4. Makayla Graunke, Keaton Reed, Ben Biorn, Joe Harkess, Gavin Faber: saxophone quintet
  5. Kaitlyn Eiderts, Isabelle Cox, Cortney Waldorf: clarinet trio
  6. Lexi Wacker, Ben Williams: baritone duet
  7. Kaye Richards: tenor sax solo
  8. Caleb Richards: clarinet solo
  9. Paige Henrich: flute solo
  10. Ella Robberstad: flute solo
  11. Em Haas: flute solo
  12. Amelie LaPlume: bass clarinet solo
  13. Lauren Rhode: oboe solo
  14. Madie Peitz: oboe solo
  15. Steven Mutterer: clarinet solo
  16. Scout Lund, Em Haas: flute duet
  17. Sean Hoekstra: trombone solo
  18. Joe Harkess, Sean Hoekstra: bassoon, trombone duet
  19. Joe Harkess: bassoon solo
  20. Sean Hoekstra, Noah Lewis, Brandon Schmidt, Kyle Thomas: trombone quartet
  21. Ben Clark, Katherine Bill, Sydney Christensen, Calla Koshiol, Allie Campbell, Alex Nelson, Logan Bongaarts, Preston Smith
  22. Libby Johnson, Paige Henrich: flute duet


Pictured from left to right: Joe Harkess, bassoon and bari sax; Paige Henrich, flute; Sean Hoekstra, trombone; Ben Williams, baritone.