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The school district has developed an Asbestos Management plan. A copy of this plan can be found in the Director of Buildings and Grounds Office at the Rockford High School and is available on the district’s website under the Buildings and Grounds tab.

The school district has on file a complete and updated Management Plan for dealing with asbestos-containing building materials within the school district’s buildings. The Management Plan is available for viewing by interested parties during regular business hours at the District Office. Copies will be made available for reproduction at a nominal cost.

Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School was designed without specifying or requiring the use of asbestos containing building materials. Rockford Middle School Center for Environmental Studies has asbestos inside fire doors. The asbestos containing materials at Rockford High School have been abated.

As required by federal law, the condition of asbestos in our schools is surveyed every six months and inspected every three years as part of an ongoing operations and maintenance program.

Plans for upcoming abatement projects, as well as a listing of the previous year’s projects, can be found on our website at this Link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Director of Building and Grounds at 763-477-9165  ext. 4007.