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How to complete a lane change

Prior Approval

All credits, in order to be considered for application on the salary schedule, must be approved in writing prior to the taking of the course by the Superintendent.

Such prior approval requirements shall not apply to courses necessary to achieve the minimum requirements established by the Department of Education as a prerequisite for the individual to possess the proper licensure required to fulfill the individual's teaching and coaching assignments.

Salary Adjustment

Individual contracts will be modified to reflect qualified credit lane changes three times per year. The effective dates of lane changes shall be September 15, January 15, and May 15, provided an official transcript and/or official letter from the university/college of the credits is received.

Lane changes submitted by September 15 will increase the teacher’s salary for the entire school year, January 15 for 6/12 of the school year, and May 15 for 3/12 of the school year. Credit lane advancement will not be made on any other date.


  1. Before signing up for coursework fill out the Prior Approval Form 
  2. After taking your course work fill out the Final Approval for Coursework form 
  3. When you are ready for a lane change fill out the Lane Change form. 

All completed foms can be sent to Human Resources.


Pay and Benefits Coordinator
(P): 763-477-9165 ext. 4003